Influenster Vox Box Review: Colgate Optic White Before and After!

Random story because its Friday: when you buy Crest Whitestrips from Costco, it also comes with this 2-hour express whitening pack.  I did it before the wedding—ahhhhh that 2 hours was so long!  I watched a movie (Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley), folded clothes, stretched.  Afterwards, I didn’t feel like my teeth were significantly whiter (they were noticeably whiter but only a little) and they were rather sensitive afterwards!   I guess it was worth it but 2 hours, omg.  It felt like forever.

Okay done—So.  I’ve been using the items in my Influenster Optic White Vox Box for about….a week now?  (It’s a toothbrush with a whitening gel pen built in)  Here’s my before and after:


Tah-dah!  You can’t tell that much of a difference, can you.  It’s true.  The overall whiteness of my teeth is relatively the same.  (But it does feel brighter!)  However, that’s not the full story.  To apply the whitening gel, you twist the tube until the gel comes out of the applicator, then you “paint” your teeth with it.  At first I was skeptical, but I really appreciate how you can apply it to the in-between spaces of your teeth (spots where I feel the strips have a hard time whitening).  SO!  You might not be able to tell in the picture but I feel like my teeth are definitely whiter in those spaces and along my gumline.  Success!  I’ll still go with whitestrips when my mission is overall a couple of shades lighter, but for touchups, this gel is great.

I feel like this product is great for people who want a whitening agent on the go, but is also looking for something that isn’t a full on whitening strip.  People who are traveling, people who brush their teeth at work, etc.  Also, I feel like this product is GREAT for fending off stains from drinking coffee, tea, etc.  I’m addicted to Japanese green tea but I’ve been sneaking coffee in the mornings when I forget my tea at home…it’s delicious!  But my poor teeth.  Good thing I have a whitening pen haha.

On another note, I feel like I’d be really interested to buy the gel at home for….well, at home use!  I wonder if they sell it seperately—at home, I use a Sonicare toothbrush so I don’t necessarily need it built in to my toothbrush.

And that’s a wrap!  Thanks Influenster, that was fun.  #BrushWhitenGo


PS!  I still have a bunch of blogging to keep up with all the things I got in February and early March:

  • Escape Monthly NYC Box (February)
  • Darby Smart Monthly DIY Box (March)
  • For the Makers Monthly DIY Box Full Review: Hello Trouble (March)

Stay tuned!  Happy Aloha Friday, everyone!


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