Wishlist: decoylab Bamboo Clocks

I have been obsessed with hanging things on our walls.  OBSESSED.  I went on a picture frame buying spree last week and now, I’m looking for other random things that can be hung: wall art/functional basket mail organizer things/clocks.   If possible, I would have loved for it to be handmade (vs. bought at Target).

Enter, decoylab.  Makers of super cool, rather cute, awesome laser cut bamboo (and other sustainable materials) things.  Mostly clocks.  But really cool things!   I love all of their products.  I think the floral ones would look great in my office and the fairy tail animal ones would look great in a kids room.  What do you guys think?

Small Houseplant Wood Ornament

Wooden Forest Animal Clock

Bouquet Clock

Floral Kirie Clock


Modern Deer Cuckoo Clock

Elephant Clock with Flowers and Butterflies

Kirie Bamboo Clock

Bamboo Birdies Clock


Bamboo Twig Berry Brooch Pin


Any favorites?  Handsdown, mine is the Bouquet clock.  It’s so pretty!  YAY for Made in the USA!  Please check out decoylab’s Etsy shop if you’re interested in checking out more laser-cut goodness.






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