Escape Monthly February 2014: New York

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Sorry this review is so belated (it was for a box sent to me in February!).  But anyway,  introducing….

….Escape Monthly!  EM is a Destination Inspired Subscription Box service that will give you a “vacation in a box” every month.  It retails for $49.95 (free shipping) and every month features a different location.  The boxes feature local artisan goods from all over said region/country/state.

February’s Box was inspired by NYC and I knew I had to sign up—we’ll be there in May!  😀

Escape Monthly’s box is also blue—when I checked my mail, I thought I had gotten a second Darby Smart box.



And tah-dah!  This month’s Escape to New York included:

1. Moon New York City Metro guide and a BONUS I ❤ NY sticker.   It’s a long, skinny book with a few pull-out maps and lots of tips.  Even though everything is so electronic these days (including maps.  THANK YOU GOOGLE), I’m still rather fond of hard copy maps.  (Sometimes, it’s so much easier on the eyes.  Maybe I’m getting old?) It’ll be nice to peruse this while on the plane or if we’re in taxi.  Retail value $14.99,  Retail value $1.49.


2. Brooklyn Studio Travel Tin Candle.  Made with all-natural American-grown soy and blended with essential fragrance oils.  This scent is green tea lemongrass and it’s pretty fragrant!  I could smell it before I opened the box.  It’s a travel-friendly candle, which could come in handy after relaxing after a long day…(of shopping. :D)   Retail value $9.99.


3. Flint Creek Good Skin Blend Soap.  All-natural soap.  This is my favorite item in the entire box, omg.  It smells AMAZING and it lathers really well.  My skin feels so great afterwards!  It feels clean yet moisturized.  Retail value $3.00.


4.  Kanpeikies Peckigram Cookies.  CUTE!  Cherry Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookies.  I got a total of 4, they look delicious!  “Sweet Crumbly Goodness.”  Retail value $8.00.


5.  The Peanut Principle Gourmet Maple Peanut Butter.  Based out of Albany, this company has been making PB for 15 years.  It’s apparently a Farmers Market favorite!  I’m a sucker for PB.  Especially good PB.  Retail value $6.99.


6.  Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce.  Made in historic Saratoga Springs with local ingredients!  Sundaes, anyone?  Retail value $6.50.


7.  Better Brittle West African Style Peanut Brittle.  From Upstate New York and made by hand in 3-pound batches.  I liked it!  It wasn’t too sweet and or too sticky.  I like PB but I’m not too big of a fan of brittle but this one definitely gets the green light from me.  Retail value $4.75.


8.  New York Taxi Treats Cookies.  Cute!  They’re little shortbread cookies.  Retail value $2.99.


The total value of this box is about $57.  What did you guys think?  I’m on the fence with this box.  I like that it included the travel book and variety of products but I’m not entirely impressed with what was in the box.  I liked the book, the soap, and the peanut butter, but I feel $50 (even with 20% off for life) is a bit steep to pay for the rest of the items.  Cost aside, the spread is not bad!  I would appreciate things like a letterpress card or some spices (more savory things).  Everything in this box is sweet!  (Not that that’s a bad thing)


If you’re interested in subscribing, click on to Escape Monthly’s website.   Right now, they’re doing a special where you get 20% off for life if you enter YOURESCAPE.  For March, they did Ireland and for April, EM is going to be “whisking” you away to Mexico!  Happy travels, everyone!


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