February 2014 Darby Smart to DIY for Box: Alcohol Inks — Review

I just wanted to share some action shots of my February Darby Smart to DIY for box which featured a very cool way to use alcohol inks. This is my first time working with them–I’ve seen them in my local craft store but I had no idea what to do with them…so here goes!

I was generous with the alcohol solution.


Each “run” of ink is actually only one drop.  Crazy, yeah?


And voila!  My “masterpiece.”  (It’s okay, you guys can laugh)  This is with all 3 colors.  I couldn’t get the full “peacock feather” effect but I love the areas that turned indigo, green and orange!


At first I thought….man, this is kind of…ugly.  But it’s growing on me!  I’m rather fond of them now.  I even got (honest HAHA) compliments at work for my artsy coasters.  B and I played around—we covered the other coasters entirely.  The drip method was our favorite, otherwise, I just felt like it looked like ink blots.   I did notice that the Mod Podge smeared the colors around a little—I had a tinge of brown on my white sections in the end.  Oh well.

Thanks Darby Smart!  That was fun.  (PS I got my April box in the mail!  Sorry, that project is going to take a while but I’ll be posting my preview for it soon.  Man, I am so late to the party with these DIY boxes lately!)


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