Wishlist: Valek Engraved Rolling Pins

I’m an….okay baker.  Okay because I don’t do anything fancy—I only bake really simple stuff!  I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my own pie.  Apple pie!  I love apple pie.  My favorite part is the filling but B‘s is hands down, the crust.

This is probably overkill for my baking level but if any of you are baking pros (or know one), this is the tool for you!

Enter: Valek Engraved Rolling Pins.  These are the coolest things ever!  They’re designed by a young Polish designer who laser engraves them herself.

You can now claim ownership of your amazing baked goods by embossing them with your name.

Personalized ‘Made by’ Rolling Pin $56


Or if you’re baking for Christmas, this is perfect!  The most adorable “For Santa” cookies ever.

Merry Christmas Rolling Pin – $42


As neat as the word ones are, I think the whimsical ones are my favorite.  They’re so cute!

This one is for dog lovers (or for cool dog moms who bake their own doggie treats)

Embossing Rolling Pin –  Dog Pattern – $42


But if cats are more your thing then:

Embossing Rolling Pin – Cat Pattern – $42


And if I was totally wrong and you’re into foxes and dinosaurs, no worries!  I got you covered.

Embossing Rolling Pin – Fox Pattern – $42

Embossing Rolling Pin – Dinosaur Pattern – $42


Also, I’ve got to show love for these BEAUTIFUL geometric designs.

Geometric Pattern – Circles $42

Geometric Design – Line Design – $42

Geometric Pattern – Arrow Design – $42


So?  Are you itching to bake pie crusts and super awesome cookies like I am?  Click any of the above images for a direct link to Valek’s Etsy Shop.  I think these would make wonderful gifts—I think I’m going to buy my sister one for Christmas.  Does she read my blog?  I don’t think so *whew!*  Perhaps I shouldn’t announce my secret gift giving plans on the internet.

Burger and Chips Pattern – $42


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