Stitch Fix: Fix #2

My wardrobe is in need of a Spring pick-me-up.  I feel like all of the pieces that I wear are…pretty much…the same.  And they’re boring.  *SIGH*  So to break myself out of my clothing monotony, I went to Stitch Fix for help.  (More about Stitch Fix here!)

I absolutely love the Stitch Fix logo.

I absolutely love the Stitch Fix logo.

Here’s what Stitch Fix sent me this month! I specifically asked for travel friendly clothes and I asked for nothing thick or heavy since Hawaii weather is usually really warm.

My April Fix Pieces

My April Fix Pieces


1. 41Hawthorne – Dora Striped Jersey Infinity Scarf in Navy – $32.00

The jersey material is really soft (but rather thin) and I think that the stripes are really cute!  It’s striped with a dark navy and a light, pastel blue.  I’m going to pass on this piece because I have a few scarves that I absolutely LOVE (that I use for travel) so I only add new ones when I’m head over heels in love with them.  I think this one is just ok.  $32 is okay but I feel like it would get snagged easily.

2. Ezra – Grace Back Zip Detail Short Sleeve Blouse – $48.00


Of all of the pieces, this is my favorite!  I like that it’s versatile—I can wear it around town with some jeans and then switch out to some awesome black leggings and go out.  (Thank you Stitch Fix styling card!)  My favorite part is the rose gold zipper in the back.  I do wish the pocket was functional and I’m a bit concerned that it’s not going to breath because it’s 100% polyester.  But I love the way it fits!  It’s really comfortable!  Thanks to Stitch Fix, this indigo blue is now my favorite color.

3.  Collective Concepts – Benzian Triangle Print Cap Sleeve Blouse


Aww, I really wanted to love this top (fun pattern!) but it’s just not for me.  I’m not really loving the way it drapes (it’s a loose fit) and I tried both ways—with jeans and with the black skirt—but I’m still not feeling it.  I think the other part is that the cut in the front goes REALLY low!  I’d have to wear a bandeau or a tank underneath….eh I’m not loving it.  This one is going back.

4. 41Hawthorne – Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan – $48.00

I liked this piece!  It’s very very drapey—and it’s long.  If you can tell in the second picture, it goes past my butt.  The fabric is soft but I can’t justify paying $48 for a regular cardigan that I think is just okay.

5. Under Skies – Wendle Embroidery Detail Shift Dress – $68.00



I love the embroidery on this dress!  At first, I was concerned that it would be a bit too…old-fashioned looking, but it’s grown on me really quick.   It’s a shift dress but I think it’s really cute when it’s belted as well.  This is a super versatile piece—great for work, brunch (it seems very Easter-ey, or maybe its just me?), and with a belt and some awesome shoes and voila!  Okay for casual dinner date with the girls?


What did you guys think of my fix?  I thought that it was pretty good, considering this is only my 2nd fix.  The more you request fixes, the more the stylists will get to know you.  🙂

Perhaps  I wasn’t completely swept off of my feet because every item was….blue!  Or partly blue (the cap sleeve blouse had blue sleeves and blue detailing).  The last Stitch Fix piece I bought was blue also.  I would have been stoked if they sent me that sleeveless yellow tank in the Cardigan styling card.   I think I’m going to revaluate my styling quiz on Stitch Fix’s website—and there’s a new feature where you can share your Pinterest board so the stylists can get a better grasp of your personal style.

Even though I didn’t keep all of the items in this month’s fix, I am SO glad that I got a fix this month.  It’s a really fun way to fine-tune what I like and don’t like while keeping up with the latest trends.  I also appreciate that they try to push me out of my clothing comfort zone.  Yay for trying new things?  I’m horrible at updating my wardrobe so thank you Stitch Fix!  I’m already looking forward to my next one!

If you need some help finding new duds to wear or if you just like getting really cool mail like I do, I definitely recommend getting a fix.  What’re you waiting for!  If you sign up, please share what you got and what you decided to keep!  I’d love to see it.  🙂


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