Preview! April 2014 For the Makers Box: Soft Focus Collection

I am so excited!!!  Of all the subscription boxes that I’ve tried, For the Makers is one of my favorites.  They *just* released their April 2014 collection: Soft Focus.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the first dewy mornings of Spring. The change in season inspires a refreshed state of mind as we take a trip into the dreamy pastel clouds of Spring color. Bohemian beach home decor, natural materials, and sophisticated metallic accents build our delicate Spring mood. Keep on daydreaming with this month’s Soft Focus collection as April showers wash winter away.

And here are the projects that we’ll be making this month:

1.  Beau Hanging Planter


2 . Whitney Bracelets


3.  Heather Stationary


4. Andie Gem Necklace

What do you guys think?  I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with the items in this box.  I LOVE the hanging planters–I have the cutest little succulents that will be PERFECT for those little pots.  I appreciate that those Whitney Bracelets are very minimal (after last month’s fun but BRIGHT jewelry).  They kind of remind me of grown-up friendship bracelets—make each one in a different color and give ’em to your best girlfriends!  Haha.  I think the Andie Gem necklace is adorable (I’ll be switching out the chain to a real silver one) but my number one favorite item is the stationary.  I’m a sucker for stationary.  Yes!  I still love sending snail mail.  Who doesn’t love getting stuff in the mail?  (Obviously it is one of my favorite things in the world.  As you can tell from my love of online shopping and subscription boxes.  Haha!)

Ooh, I already have plans to jazz up my stationary cards.  I notice that I try to make my pieces look like the sample items but a lot of the other people who get this box make their own unique things.  I’ve got to get on it!  If you’d like to show me how it’s done, here’s a link.  I’m a big fan of For the Makers, I think you’ll love it too!


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