March 2014 For The Makers Box: Hello Trouble – Review

For the Makers is officially my favorite DIY box.  The projects are so fun!  And I really appreciate that they don’t take lots of planning and advance notice.  Whenever I decide that it’s time for a DIY project, I plop myself down, open the For the Makers instructions online, and I’m done within the next 30 minutes (or less).

Here’s what I made in March’s For the Makers Box: the Hello Trouble Collection.


My favorite piece is the ‘Locals Only’ bangle bracelet–especially the crystals/faux gems!   This was good practice to make Christmas gifts—I can buy the brass bangles and crystal/gems online and the raw silk from my local fabric store.   It was really easy to make and the yellow silk makes this bangle really bright and fun.  I’m usually the type to shy away from bright, eye catching accessories but I can’t deny that this piece is perfect for Spring!


I liked the Lemon Drop necklace also—it compliments my new bracelet very nicely.  Instead of just stringing the large beads on, I made sure to space them out a little more with these really pretty glass beads that were also included.  The only thing is that it smells really metallic-y (I heard some jewelry cleaner will fix this) and it was a bit tight to loop around my head twice!  I should have made it longer but it looks fine once I got it on.  I also wore it as a single strand (it goes all the way down to my belly button) and I’m on the fence with wearing it like that.  I prefer the double strand.


The Paradise keychain/fob is cute but the colors were VERY bright.  I guess that’s a good thing—you can’t miss your keys now, right?  We’ll probably be using this for our spare set of keys.


The only thing I didn’t make as of yet was the applique T-Shirt!  I’m looking for a good quality T-Shirt to embellish.  I’m excited!  I really like the pattern that’s on it, and it seems like a really quick DIY once I have all of the materials.

So what do you think?  I’m really looking forward to April’s Box!  I looked at the past For the Makers boxes and I’ve liked the majority of the collections that they release every month.  If you’re interested in quick ‘n easy yet very fun DIY projects, here’s a link to sign up for your own For the Makers subscription!  Please share what you make!


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