Fruity Summer Mojitos

Guys, it is getting HOT.  I swear, just last week, it was pretty chilly in Hawaii!  Now we’re creeping up into the mid to high eighties…#hawaiiproblems

I’m in need of a refreshing drink to transition my taste buds from Spring to Summer and I’ve decided that it’s going to be the mojito.

I love this print! I feel like having a bunch of these in my kitchen would lively the place up. Mojito Recipe Typography Print – LilyandVal’s Etsy – $19

These mojitos are at the top of my list of drinks to try this summer! What do you think? I absolutely LOVE the color of these drinks. Aren’t they fun? And I feel like the fruitiness grounds me in Spring but the mint leaves bring me into a super cool summer.  B doesn’t really care for mojitos too much (and I already know he’ll think these are too girly) but these would be PERFECT for when the ladies come over.

Cranberry Mojito

Rhubarb Mojito

Pineapple Mojito

Tangerine Mojito

Moscato Mojito


Do you have a favorite?  I’m really interested in the pineapple and tangerine mojitos!  And the moscato one as well—I’ve never tried something like that.  Cheers and Happy Aloha Friday!


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