May 2014 From the Lab: Illuminating Under Eye Treatment No. 628 + Hydrating Lip Primer No. 629

From the Lab is a monthly skincare/beauty subscription service that I learned about via GiltCity (YAY for deals on skincare boxes!)  They produce a limited amount of product each month and they send you a 30-day supply of…something good. Note, these are FULL SIZE products, not sample sizes.

FtL subscriptions are currently by invite only (you can request access on their page) and they start at $19 + shipping.  I’m spoiled by ‘free’ shipping from other boxes but I totally didn’t mind for FtL!  A petite little pink box arrived at my door within 2 days of my order.


When you open it, you immediately see a product info pamphlet.  May’s products are an Illuminating Under Eye Treatment No. 628 + Hydrating Lip Primer No. 629.


According to From the Lab, these products retail for $90+.

Effortlessly enhance your natural beauty or kick up the glam in your makeup routine. These two exclusive primers, featuring raspberry stem cells, super peptides, and a potent dose of good-for-you vitamins, represent the newest advances in “under makeup” skin prep and help fight the first signs of aging.


I bought this box subscription from Gilt for $99, so plus the $30 shipping (for all 6 boxes that I’ll receive as part of the deal), it comes out to about $20 a box.  Would I pay $20 for these two products?

HECK. YES.  Yeah, you’re thinking that HECK YES in caps is a pretty strong statement, and you’re right!  It is.  That’s how much of a fan I am of these products.  I started off really skeptical because a tinted eye cream smoother and lip smoother are cool but they didn’t seem particularly breakout awesome to me…until I tried them on.

That eye treatment is super hydrating without being any sort of greasy, sticky/tacky, or heavy feeling.  I gently smooth it under my eyes and layer my BB cream (SPF 30) over it and I can definitely tell the difference.  The whole area looks brighter and smoother afterwards.  Even without the BB cream, I love the soft finish of the treatment.

And that lip primer—I like it even more than the eye treatment!  A little goes a long way and it smooths in all the dry cracks in my lips—it’s also really really hydrating without stickiness.  I love it!  I’ve actually been wearing it by itself, as a balm.


So far, the verdict is that From the Lab is AMAZING!  My only issue is that the applicator for my Lip Primer doesn’t work as well as I’d expect, but it’s fine.  I make do and it doesn’t detract from the wonderfulness of the product itself.  Stay tuned for the rest of my 5 boxes!  I hope they send a mask and moisturizer soon.


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