Aloha Kekahiaka (Good Morning!): Kokohead Summit Sunrise


Aloha Kekahiaka!  (Good Morning!)  This is the view from the summit of Kokohead–I hiked up here before 5AM this morning to watch the sunrise.  I. am. tired.  But it was 100%, hands down worth it.

Also, a quick Hawaiian phrase lesson to start the (hopefully equally sunny and happy) week:

  • Hello: Aloha
  • Good Morning: Aloha Kekahiaka
  • Good Day: Aloha Awakea
  • Good Afternoon:Aloha ‘Auinala
  • Good Evening: Aloha Ahiahi
  • Good Night: Aloha Auinapo
  • Good Late Night: Aloha Po
  • Much Love: Aloha nui loa
  • Until we meet again: A hui hou

Have a great week, everyone!



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