The Face Shop Haul #4

I was running low on moisturizer last week, so I stopped by the Face Shop…I caved and FINALLY bought that Smim moisturizer. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. The….Smim.  Doesn’t it sound straight out of a Dr. Seuss book?




  1. Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam – Mung Beans
  2. the smim – Radiating Moisture Emulsion
  3. Sample:  seed in seed core seed Purifying Essence (serum)
  4. Sample: Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture cream (oil-free)
  5. Sample: Natural Sun Sebum Control SPF 40 PA+++ sunscreen


I decided to spend the $39 (eek!) on that Smim Moisturizer because it’s SO light and I never feel oily and clogged after wearing it, even for long periods of time.  We are FULL into summer in Hawaii and I have been way more oily then normal—I need a moisturizer that hydrates but is as light as possible.  The lightest moisturizer that I’ve tried is Clinique’s Dramatically Different Gel, which I like…but I wanted something different.  Also, I find that the smim emulsion is a tad bit lighter feeling AND it smells way better.  It’s pricier than Clinique’s gel but I like it a lot more!  From what I understand, this product isn’t entirely oil-free, but I haven’t felt any oiler (and my skin hasn’t broken out) since using this product.

the smim radiating moisturizing essence (the product I bought is taller than this)

  • Flawless Skin with Moisture Radiance
  • An Essence restoring moisturized radiance from inside the skin with deep moisturization by naturally fermented kefir.
  • Cloud berry growing in extreme regions and kefir infuse moisture deep into the skin and bring out the full potential of radiance of the skin to rejuvenate as if it has been newly born.
  • The formula containing shining granules spreads smoothly and restores moisture and radiance to the skin the moment it is applied.


The other product I bought was a steal at $5—it was a basic foaming cleanser.  The formula is Mung Beans which is for all skin types but particularly oily ones (from what the Face Shop girl told me).  I really like this one!  It’s not as drying as the peach one I tried, and the smell is really pleasant.  It’s not too strong.  My skin feels really clean and soft (but not stripped dry) after using this product.  Plus, it’s only $5!

Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam – Mung Beans

  • Enriched with skin softening mung beans
  • For all skin type


Yay, a great haul from the Face Shop!  I think I’ll be returning to buy that sebum control sunscreen—it had a nice, dry finish.  I think I like it better than the my all-time favorite Biore sunscreen, for everyday/shopping/etc.  Shocker!  the Face Shop also has a compact, sponge sunscreen with a bit of a tint (that’s still SPF 50)—I think I might go and try that too.  I hope the tint is sheer enough, I’ve been going to the beach every other weekend and I’m way darker than usual.

I love Korean products, they feel so nice on your skin.  If you’ve got any Korean/Face Shop favorites, please feel free to share!  :3


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