Wishlist: Tory Burch for Fitbit Collection

AHHH have you guys seen the new Tory Burch for Fitbit collection?  It’s absolutely, to die for.

PS: A Fitbit, if you didn’t know, is an activity tracker that keeps track of how many steps you’ve taken, how many floors you’ve climbed, and how many calories you’ve burned!  I absolutely love mine—it helps to motivate me, especially on very lazy days (when I’ve only taken 2,000 steps and its past noon.  *SIGH*)

Metal Hinged Bracelet – $195

Metal Pendant Necklace – $175

Silicone Printed Bracelet – $38

Silicone Printed Bracelet – $38

I currently have a Fitbit One, which I liked more than the Fitbit Flex (which is what Tory designed the new collection for) because when I run and do exercises where I’d get all sweaty, I didn’t want my activity tracker to also…get…sweaty…

But ahhhhh man, I love that metal hinged bracelet!  It’s beautiful!  It’s made of solid brass so I forsee no allergy issue, and it’d be the most stylish way I can think of to log my daily steps (when not at the gym).  B isn’t too big of a fan, though.  “For that price, I’ll just buy you a bracelet.”  Which is true….but ahh, c’mon!  This is the coolest Fitbit accessory that I’ve seen.  I’m in love!  What do you guys think?  The silicone bracelets are WAY more affordable and they still give you super cool Tory style without breaking the bank….I wish she’d design a collection for us One users, as well.


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