How to Style: Combat Boots

I recently added a pair of Combat Boots to my life.  Yes, recently.  I know, I know.  You guys are all super stylish and are too nice/honest to tell me that it’s taken me FOREVER to jump on this style wagon (or that it was so last season) but awww I’ve always wanted a pair!  It was hard for me to buy something other than slippers (AKA flip-flops, to everyone not in Hawaii.  But slippers!  That’s what we call them here, and they are the best.  I promise  Especially Olukais, I’m on my 4th pair.)  The reason why it’s taken me so long is that I honestly thought it’d be totally impractical for Hawaii-wear….but there’s hope!

I didn’t realize how cute these boots are with dresses!


…and that they’re entirely wearable with shorts.  This is probably my #1 requirement.

I think my favorite way that I’ll try and wear them is with skinny jeans.


And with skirts.  I’ve got a pretty good collection of cute skirts, I think.


AHHH I wish it got colder here!  These boots are so awesome with scarves.  😦


Maybe I should have saved my money and bought another bikini.  ;_;  No!  I’m determined to avoid buyer’s remorse!  Do you have any advice/suggestions about wearing and styling my new kicks?  If you’d love to share, I’d love to hear it!


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