July 2014 Julep Box Review: Boho Glam/It Girl

My Julep Box for 2014 came in!  Julep originally typed me as a ‘bombshell’ but I wasn’t really feeling the Bombshell colors too much.  I ended up swapping all 3 choices out.  😀

But anyway—this month (July 2014) featured a Poolside collection.  The colors were all mostly bright, very summer/water inspired!  The featured product was Bare Body Polish and Bare Body Milk.


I opted to get:

Braiden – It Girl (Graphite Stardust, textured matte glitter)

Tamara – Boho Glam (Lipstick red creme)

Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat



Do any of you subscribe to Julep?  I really like the way that the polish applies (so smooth!).  I feel like my manicures don’t last that long though—less than a week and then LOTS Of chipping!  My toe polish has been okay though.  I suspect the issue may be with the Freedom Gel Top Coat….but I’ve got to do more experimenting to be sure.  One more box to go!  I think my ‘extra’ will be the cuticle remover.


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