July 2014 From the Lab: Summer Essentials Collection

From the Lab sent out their July boxes—and dang.  I am IMPRESSED!  This box includes four (YES FOUR!) full-size items to create the ultimate Summer Essentials Collection.

We’re celebrating our one year anniversary with our very special, limited edition Summer Essentials Collection, designed just for you!  At a retail value of $225+, this collection will help you beat the heat and keep you focused on easy, breezy, summer fun.  Stay refreshed, resplendent, and effortlessly cool with four of our favorite innovations.


This month’s box includes:

  1. Face Primer No. 327
  2. Hair Mask No. 718
  3. AM/PM Cleanser No. 586
  4. Face Mask No. 598
  5. BONUS! Lip Primer No. 627




AWESOME I ended up getting 5 full-size items!  In a monthly subscription box?  That’s practically unheard of.

The Face Primer is a dream to wear.  It’s silky without feeling oily or heavy and it includes extracts that boost anti-aging benefits and evens out skintone.  It’s definitely a great product to wear to get a matte finish.

The AM/PM cleanser is my favorite thing out of this box!  It’s a waterless cleanser!  So what I do is I stick some cotton pads in a ziplock bag, squirt some cleanser in it (enough to saturate but not too much), and then I stick it in my purse.  This way, I always have something to wipe away sweat or grime, even when I’m out.  BONUS it’s oil free and eyelash extension safe!  Woohoo!

The Hair Mask is pretty nice too—it’s like a leave-in deep conditioner.  It’s got a very rich smell and I’ve been using it after beach sessions to help get that dry and crispy feel out.  I apply a dollop (bigger than a quarter) to my hair (it’s pretty long) and let it sit for 30 minutes before I take a shower.

The Face Mask is also another after-beach ritual of mine.  It feels so wonderful on your skin—especially if you’d had a little to much sun.  It soothes, cools, and revitalizes skin while moisturizing.  I gently wash the sunscreen and grime off my face, apply this mask (and the hair mask haha), then I chill out for 30 minutes before wiping it off and taking a shower.

And voila!  July’s box was AMAZING.  I have three more to go (to get me through to October) but I’m very tempted to stay on until December.  I can’t imagine what a Christmas box would be like!


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