Office Snacks – Pocky Pocky Pocky

Good Morning, everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts, lately—I’ve been super busy. Which is a shame since I have so much to post! I also have a confession—I opened my last two boxes without taking pictures of them. It was….my last Urthbox and my first Bulu Box. The Urthbox was okay, the Bulu Box wasn’t even worth taking a picture of—I don’t think you guys missed anything.

While I catch up, here’s a picture…of…snacks! Japanese snacks, to be exact.  I think overall, Pocky is one of my favorite snacks to eat in Japan.  Idk why!  There’s something fun about eating a choco-dipped pretzel stick (remember Yan Yans?  Haha).  It’s not pictured, but my favorite Pocky flavor of all time is the green tea.  Second is maybe…the almond crunch (bottom left).   Pocky is like Kit Kats—everytime I come to Japan, I feel like there’s a different new flavor.  Do you guys have a favorite? 😀


Tokyo Makeup Haul

Happy Monday, everyone!  Or rather, Ohayo Gozaimasu!  I spent the last two weeks in Japan (and one weekend in Tokyo!).  As you can tell….I did a lot of shopping.


The top row is a mix of eyeliners and falsies.  The faux lashes all the way on the left are $1 from Daiso—but they look really soft!  The tip is very natural looking (tapered thin, not just thick plastic) so I’m curious.  Do you see the Disney branded faux lashes on the right?

The middle row is a mix of mascara and nail decals!  The first two products are ranked very highly on the cosme list (it’s like a popularity contest for cosmetics) and the third mascara is my good ‘ol, trusty Fiberwig.  I’m really excited with the nail decals!  A coworker of mine in Japan recommended them to me and omg.  They are way better then the American (aka Sally Hansen) brands that I’ve tried.  The decal is way thinner and their designs are so cute!

The last row are sunscreens.  The first is an Anessa (by Shiseido) sunscreen, the second is my absolute favorite sunscreen of all time: Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence.  They now sell the Biore in a large size!  Woo-hoo!  🙂

Stay tuned!  I’ll be doing product reviews as I make my way through the haul.  Have a great week, everyone!

August 2014 Birchbox: Affordable Luxuries

Earlier this week, Birchbox actually sent out an email that said your box was ready…..and if you wanted to peek or not.  I peeked. I couldn’t help myself.   🙂

I mean, why not?  I already knew what I was getting—the Everyday Girl Affordable Luxuries box.   Birchbox used to offer alternate boxes, once upon a time.  Maybe when I first signed up for the service?  (This was almost 3 years ago!  Dang!  It’s been a while.)  This is the first time that they’ve given us the option to pick so I just had to go with the Affordable Luxuries Box.

(…but truthfully—I only did it to try out that Benefit Liner.   I heard it’s amazing!!!  And now that I don’t have my extensions anymore, I can wear liner again.  Woohoo!  But lashes, I really miss you…but really.  Playing with new makeup is so fun, don’t you think?)

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 5.48.46 AM

Do you think that liner is full-size?  Probably not but I’m still 100% excited to try it out!  😀  I like Harvey Prince products, generally, and I’ve started to appreciated the amazingness of having a fragrance sample in your purse at all times.  ESPECIALLY when flying.  That Number 4 product and the Not Soap, Radio body wash are just extras for me—the Benefit liner is worth it!

I did notice that although it’s featured on the promo page for the Affordable Luxuries box, the Acure Brightening Facial Scrub wasn’t on my actual Birchbox page—the one that says what you get in each box.  I emailed BB Ops and they are super quick and fast about responding to me—they updated my page to show that it was included in my box.  So no worries, everyone!  Looks like BB has us covered.

If any of you opted for the regular Birchbox this month, what kinds of products did you get?  Did you get a mascara? 😀 😀 😀  (If you can’t tell, I’ve been obsessed with falsies, mascara, and liner since I stopped doing extensions).

Makeup Shelf Life

Ohayo Gozaimasu!  (Good Morning in Japanese)

I got a PM from someone who actually didn’t know to throw her mascara away sooner—I’m glad my last post helped!  Here’s a quick cheat sheet of the shelf life of different types of makeup, thanks to Allure:


MASCARA: 2-3 months


POWDER: 2 years

CONCEALER: Liquid – 1 year, Stick – 2 years

BLUSH: Cream – 1 year, Powder – 2 years

EYESHADOW: 3 months (!)

EYELINER: 3 months



TOOLS: Wipe after every use and a thorough shampoo every 2 weeks


3 months for eyeshadow!  Dang.  I think that’s the only one I’m going to have to disagree with—I’d say one to two years!  It’s true that you’re applying it to your eye area but it’s not like liner or mascara.  I can’t imagine buying cool (and expensive) palettes like Urban Decay’s Naked if it were to go bad in 3 months.

And I have thrown old nail polish out—when it starts to get clumpy.  You can save it using nail polish thinner but idk.  I’d rather just buy a new shade.

Not to be Captain Obvious but general rule is that if it starts to smell weird or if it changes color (bacteria, oh no!)— please please please throw it out. And definitely eyeliner and mascara!  Every 3 months!

Makeup Review: L’oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara – Waterproof

Did I mention that I stopped getting eyelash extensions?  …I miss them.  I really, really, really do.  I had to stop because my travel schedule has been so hectic lately!  Also, the refills are kind of a pain (two hours every three weeks…but SO WORTH IT).

So to get over the loss of my beautiful faux lashes, I’m going to be trying out a bunch of mascaras!  My criteria is that it has to be waterproof, black, and lengthening is a plus.    The first one I decided to try is this one:

Brand: L’oreal Paris
Product Name: Voluminous Butterfly Mascara (Waterproof)
Color: Blackest Black 871
Features: Wingtip Brush, Butterfly Formula (fiber extensions)
Retail Price: $7.00

It comes in a pretty chrome tube with blue stripes on it.  It’s pretty!  It doesn’t really remind me of a butterfly but that’s fine with me.


The gimimick of Voluminious Butterfly Waterproof Mascara is the brush.  It’s a “wing-tip” brush that lengthens, stretches, and volumizes each lash to the outer corners of the eye.  Interesting?

Here’s the brush—it does have a curve.  Also, the top of the brush has two teeth that form a V—this is how it “stretches” the lash out.  The bottom is a straight, plain edge—for bottom/inside lashes, I think.  The only issue is that to use the “wingtip” brush correctly, you’ve got to switch to your non-dominant hand to do the other eye.

I think the design of the brush makes it grab a little too much product.  I try not to swirl it around in the tube as I pull the wand out and that seems to fix this (besides scraping off the excess).


And this is what it looks like when it’s on (no other makeup):


I’m impressed! I love the color—Blackest Black is definitely a nice, dark, intense black and the fiber formula DEFINITELY lengthens.  The volumizing properties are…okay—I can definitely tell at the base but the rest of my lashes don’t look significantly thicker in my opinion.  I am extremely pleased with the lack of clumps/flakes/smudges—I’m doing a test run right now while a typhoon hits Japan—it is HUMID.  My lashes have held up!  My favorite part about this product is that the ‘extensions’ are very soft.  They remind me of my old lash extensions….(but being only a super tiny amazingly ridiculous fraction of the price).    The formula is a bit ‘wetter’ then some of the other mascara brands that I’ve tried but I don’t mind because it’s easier to put on coats while it’s wet.

I found that the brush wasn’t difficult to use but I will need some practice to get the full extension with the wing tip.  If you can’t tell from the picture, I didn’t use the brush correctly—it’s supposed to look more like a cat-eye.  Practice makes perfect! 😀

Definitely a big fan!  This is the first drugstore mascara from L’Oreal that I’ve tried—normally, I stick with Maybelline.   Stay tuned for my next mascara review in 2-3 months—you’re supposed to throw out your old mascara every 2-3 months because of bacteria, etc.  It’s good practice for eye health, ladies!  When I first started using mascara, I used my first tube until it ran out.  6 months later.  Thankfully, I didn’t get a stye!  Thank goodness that now, I know better.  *whew!*

PS: My next review will most likely be a Japanese mascara.  I bought a bunch while I was in Tokyo! 😀