Lychee Martini

took me out for my birthday last week and I had the most AMAZING drink—a lychee martini.  It was sweet but not overly so and it was SO refreshing, especially for summer.  I’ve been dreaming of making my own this weekend so I figured I’d share a recipe that I found from the great Martha Stewart.


*2 whole canned lychees plus 1/2 cup drained syrup
*1/2 cup gin


Place 1 lychee in each of two martini glasses. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour in gin and reserved lychee syrup. Shake well; strain into glasses. Serve immediately.

Voila!  If you live in Hawaii, shame shame shame on you if you don’t use fresh lychee!  You’ve got to!  The lychee tree is right outside!   And bonus points if you live on the Big Island and use fresh Big Island lychee. So huge and so sweet!  I’m jealous, already.  If you’re using fresh, it’s best to have at least 6 lychees:  one for garnish and the rest of the 5 to squeeze and get fresh juice to substitute in for the syrup.

Big Island Lychee. The fruit is typically bigger and sweeter than the Oahu variety.

Also—instead of gin, I’d sub in vodka or shochu (Japanese spirit, similar to vodka) instead of the sake.

Don’t forget to stick a toothpick in those lychee so that it’s easier to eat afterwards!  Happy Aloha Friday, everyone!


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