July 2014 Urthbox: Snack Healthy

I’m *finally* getting around to reviewing my July 2014 (Diet) Urthbox—the theme for this month was ‘snack healthy.’

Don’t forget to remember!  You are what you eat…and what you eat, eventually catches up to you…we checked…Sooo snack like you mean it in July, by swapping in some healthy stuff into your life!  This month, enjoy great healthy choices including Mamma Chia’s Organic Chia Squeeze, Good Boy Organics’ Baked Potato Chips, Oceans Halo’s Innovative Seaweed Chips and a whole lot more… Snack healthy.

That description sounds *just* like what I’m trying to do—(maybe add in, ‘snack a little less’ but nonetheless) snack smarter, cleaner, healthier, you name it!  Here’s what Urthbox sent me this month:


1. Bops Organic Sea Salt Potato Chips – Very interesting!  They were thicker than regular chips (think wavy Lays) and decently crunchy.  They definitely tasted healthier than a regular potato chip and I liked them!  Weird thing was that they didn’t get stale after 2 weeks (I ate half the bag and used a food clip…forgot about it.  2 weeks later, found it and ate it before I could stop him….heard a crunch!  He said it was just okay.)

2.  Pop Art Thai Coconut Curry Gourmet Popcorn – Flavor was fun (not that coconut tasting, but definitely some Thai spice) but these buggers were STALE.

3. Ocean’s Halo – Korean BBQ Seaweed Chip – This chip was the star of the whole box!  It tasted like the thin, dried seaweed sheets that you use to wrap kalbi and rice with.  Delicious!  There were 3 servings in that bag so remember to watch portion control.


4. Mamma Chia Chia Squeeze Vitality Pouch  – Refreshing!  I absolutely loved this little pouch.  The texture of the chia seeds were kind of….weird, but the flavor was very nice.  It wasn’t too sweet and it was PERFECT after a hot day.

5. Matt’s Munchies – Island Mango – This was like a grown-up/healthy fruit roll-up.  Low on calories and 1 serving of fruit and this was my second favorite item in the box!   I ended up stretching this over a week—the pieces were little squares on a sheet in the package.  Great when you only want a mouthful of something sweet.

6. Amazing Meal – Chocolate Infusion Protein Mix – Every box has a dud and this product. was. horrible.  It tasted like grass!  I’ve had other plant-based protein mixes and they did not taste like this.  I mixed mine with water, took one sip, spit it out, and made powdered peanut butter on toast for breakfast.  (PS that veggie taco mix from the last box?  Like cat food!  It was horrible.  That was another ‘one-taste-then-throw-it-out’ item!  It really was that bad.)

7. Green Superfood Berry Bar + Drink Mix – This bar wasn’t very memorable.  The ingredients were awesome (lots of antioxidants) but it tasted kind of…bland.  I haven’t tried the drink mix yet so I hope that one has more flavor.

8. Neo Energy Drink – Organic energy drink!  It had a pleasant taste and if I had to have an energy drink, I’d rather drink something like this than something super artificial tasting.

9. YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans – They taste…just…like…jelly beans!  Haha.  No surprise here.  I’m not a jelly bean person so these are getting donated to the office snack table.



And that’s a wrap!  I thought my July Urthbox was…it was okay.  I preferred the products in last month’s box better…but this box wasn’t that bad.  I rather liked some of the products in it but I don’t feel in love enough to actually buy anything.  If any of you are Urthbox subscribers, what did you get this month?  I have one month to go!


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