Makeup Shelf Life

Ohayo Gozaimasu!  (Good Morning in Japanese)

I got a PM from someone who actually didn’t know to throw her mascara away sooner—I’m glad my last post helped!  Here’s a quick cheat sheet of the shelf life of different types of makeup, thanks to Allure:


MASCARA: 2-3 months


POWDER: 2 years

CONCEALER: Liquid – 1 year, Stick – 2 years

BLUSH: Cream – 1 year, Powder – 2 years

EYESHADOW: 3 months (!)

EYELINER: 3 months



TOOLS: Wipe after every use and a thorough shampoo every 2 weeks


3 months for eyeshadow!  Dang.  I think that’s the only one I’m going to have to disagree with—I’d say one to two years!  It’s true that you’re applying it to your eye area but it’s not like liner or mascara.  I can’t imagine buying cool (and expensive) palettes like Urban Decay’s Naked if it were to go bad in 3 months.

And I have thrown old nail polish out—when it starts to get clumpy.  You can save it using nail polish thinner but idk.  I’d rather just buy a new shade.

Not to be Captain Obvious but general rule is that if it starts to smell weird or if it changes color (bacteria, oh no!)— please please please throw it out. And definitely eyeliner and mascara!  Every 3 months!


3 thoughts on “Makeup Shelf Life

  1. Really great and helpful tips! I’m never sure when to throw away my products but at least I’ll have a guideline now. I need to have a huge tidy out! xx

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