August 2014 Birchbox: Affordable Luxuries

Earlier this week, Birchbox actually sent out an email that said your box was ready…..and if you wanted to peek or not.  I peeked. I couldn’t help myself.   🙂

I mean, why not?  I already knew what I was getting—the Everyday Girl Affordable Luxuries box.   Birchbox used to offer alternate boxes, once upon a time.  Maybe when I first signed up for the service?  (This was almost 3 years ago!  Dang!  It’s been a while.)  This is the first time that they’ve given us the option to pick so I just had to go with the Affordable Luxuries Box.

(…but truthfully—I only did it to try out that Benefit Liner.   I heard it’s amazing!!!  And now that I don’t have my extensions anymore, I can wear liner again.  Woohoo!  But lashes, I really miss you…but really.  Playing with new makeup is so fun, don’t you think?)

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 5.48.46 AM

Do you think that liner is full-size?  Probably not but I’m still 100% excited to try it out!  😀  I like Harvey Prince products, generally, and I’ve started to appreciated the amazingness of having a fragrance sample in your purse at all times.  ESPECIALLY when flying.  That Number 4 product and the Not Soap, Radio body wash are just extras for me—the Benefit liner is worth it!

I did notice that although it’s featured on the promo page for the Affordable Luxuries box, the Acure Brightening Facial Scrub wasn’t on my actual Birchbox page—the one that says what you get in each box.  I emailed BB Ops and they are super quick and fast about responding to me—they updated my page to show that it was included in my box.  So no worries, everyone!  Looks like BB has us covered.

If any of you opted for the regular Birchbox this month, what kinds of products did you get?  Did you get a mascara? 😀 😀 😀  (If you can’t tell, I’ve been obsessed with falsies, mascara, and liner since I stopped doing extensions).


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