Tokyo Makeup Haul

Happy Monday, everyone!  Or rather, Ohayo Gozaimasu!  I spent the last two weeks in Japan (and one weekend in Tokyo!).  As you can tell….I did a lot of shopping.


The top row is a mix of eyeliners and falsies.  The faux lashes all the way on the left are $1 from Daiso—but they look really soft!  The tip is very natural looking (tapered thin, not just thick plastic) so I’m curious.  Do you see the Disney branded faux lashes on the right?

The middle row is a mix of mascara and nail decals!  The first two products are ranked very highly on the cosme list (it’s like a popularity contest for cosmetics) and the third mascara is my good ‘ol, trusty Fiberwig.  I’m really excited with the nail decals!  A coworker of mine in Japan recommended them to me and omg.  They are way better then the American (aka Sally Hansen) brands that I’ve tried.  The decal is way thinner and their designs are so cute!

The last row are sunscreens.  The first is an Anessa (by Shiseido) sunscreen, the second is my absolute favorite sunscreen of all time: Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence.  They now sell the Biore in a large size!  Woo-hoo!  🙂

Stay tuned!  I’ll be doing product reviews as I make my way through the haul.  Have a great week, everyone!


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