Office Snacks – Pocky Pocky Pocky

Good Morning, everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts, lately—I’ve been super busy. Which is a shame since I have so much to post! I also have a confession—I opened my last two boxes without taking pictures of them. It was….my last Urthbox and my first Bulu Box. The Urthbox was okay, the Bulu Box wasn’t even worth taking a picture of—I don’t think you guys missed anything.

While I catch up, here’s a picture…of…snacks! Japanese snacks, to be exact.  I think overall, Pocky is one of my favorite snacks to eat in Japan.  Idk why!  There’s something fun about eating a choco-dipped pretzel stick (remember Yan Yans?  Haha).  It’s not pictured, but my favorite Pocky flavor of all time is the green tea.  Second is maybe…the almond crunch (bottom left).   Pocky is like Kit Kats—everytime I come to Japan, I feel like there’s a different new flavor.  Do you guys have a favorite? 😀


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