August 2014 From the Lab: Summer Essentials Collection 2

Sometimes, I feel like…August is the beginning of summer.  This is purely from a weather perspective (of someone who lives in Hawaii).   June was beautiful and still cool (like Spring), July was beautiful and a little warm (still like Spring), and August is beautiful but SO GOSH DARN HOT!  Full on Summer mode.   June and July were fun beach months but August is making sure that I must absolutely be at the beach (its a requirement) because it’s too hot and humid to be anywhere else but the water.

Which is why From the Lab’s August 2014 collection is coming in handy: Its the Summer Essentials Collection 2!  (This is the companion to July’s box—the Summer Essentials Collection).



The Summer Essentials Collection 2 comes with 3 products:

  • Transforming Hair Cleanser No. 724
  • Body Serum No. 580
  • Face Scrub No. 597

The hair cleanser is interesting because its a combination of traditional oils and stem cells (from raspberries???!!!) that cleans and protects your hair—without suds.  I’ve never used an oil-based product with my hair before, and I was a bit wary because summer = oily hair + sweat….and I have fine hair so anything ‘heavy’ weighs down my strands….but I’ve been throughly pleased with this cleanser so far!  I LOVE that I don’t have to use a conditioner with this product, and my hair is never greasy.  My hair feels soft and clean (without being stripped) and I have a pretty healthy amount of volume, without styling!    The only thing that’s just meh for me is the container.  It’s a squeeze bottle with a twist cap that would normally work fine with other products—-but it’s a bit awkward in the shower when you squeeze oil in one hand and try to twist the top back on one handed.  Also—B thinks that it smells like Fritos.  *SIGH*  I swear it doesn’t.  BOYS.

The body serum is plain amazing.  Because it’s hot as u97859-951-lk;jfkl;dajdf;a in Hawaii lately—I never ever ever want to put on moisturizer, even though I know my skin would love it, with all the sun I’ve been getting.  Shea Butter is definitely a no-no.  It really does feel like you’re slathering thick, creamy butter on your skin.  And it just sits there….ugh.  This body serum is extremely *EXTREMELY* light.  And it’s like a gel so my skin absorbs it really quick.  Yay for antioxidant benefits!  I apply this after I get out of the shower (it’s still like…85 degrees and higher at night) and my skin doesn’t feel claustrophobic under my moisturizer at all.

I’ve been raving about these products….but honestly, my favorite in the whole box was the Face Scrub.  It smelled nice—totally like a high-end luxury product (a faint hint of raspberries!).  Think—super luxury St. Ives!  Haha.  The granules are super super fine and I feel like my skin was gently (yet effectively) exfoliated.  I alternate between this and my Clarisonic Mia (I exfoliate every other day) and I have been really happy with the texture of my skin.


Voila!  I think this is definitely my favorite From the Lab box so far (yes!  I do like it better than last month’s box) because I have used every single product since I got it in the mail, and I’ve been pleased with them all.   I hope they send more skincare next month—-or perhaps a tinted moisturizer?  I haven’t tried a face moisturizer from them, yet.  I’m definitely looking forward to next month!

PS: If you wanted to try, From the Lab subscriptions are monthly and start at $21.20 a month!



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