New Box Subscriptions

Why, hello Stranger!  Or rather…I am the stranger.  ;_;   I’ve fallen off of the posting wagon lately so I just wanted to give you guys an update on future posts, to come!

Walmart Beauty Box

Yes—Walmart!  Walmart is offering a $5 beauty box that ships every season.  Technically, the box is ‘free’ and the shipping costs ‘$5’.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 9.41.15 PM


I ordered my box about two weeks ago—once it comes in, I’ll definitely be sharing!  I think it’s pretty clear that it’ll all be drugstore items…but now I’m wondering what the variety will be?  If it’s all products like NYX or Wet N Wild, I will be disappointed but not entirely surprised.  BUT if Walmart is teaming up with Maybelline and Revlon to perhaps launch new products….then that would be something else, entirely!  But overall, I guess you can’t go wrong with 5 bucks.  (Or can you?)


Total Beauty Boxes

Total Beauty is doing a ‘Better than Black Friday Warehouse Sale.’  Buy 2 bags for $30 with their promo codes!  Not bad, given that a regular bag goes for $20.  (I was able to use this code to order 3 boxes, maube two weeks ago, but not sure if that code still applies)


There were only a few grab bags to pick from when I ordered—they added a lot more, and these new choices seem more appealing that then one I got!  I’ve never ordered from Total Beauty before so this will be interesting.  Just got confirmation that this will be in my mailbox soon.  :3



POPSUGAR Must Have September Box

I got suckered into getting this box because of the scarf.  But why?  I don’t even get to wear scarves?!  (It is still 90 degrees, sometimes.  *SIGH*)  Thank you godessy!

popsugar-sept-2014What do you guys think?  I love the scarf (I think it’s perfect for fall), I’m rather fond of Rifle Paper Co (Idk about those dancing girls though)….but hair spray?   My first impression was meh but I think if i can learn to use it properly, I will love it.  And those pencils are adorable!  I wish I had them for my bridesmaid gifts.


PS:  Just curious—-when in fall can you guys bring out your leather jackets and boots?  I saw all these cute leather jackets on Pinterest the other day and I am in love!  I will never, ever, EVER have a reason to wear a leather jacket in Hawaii…but they’re so cute!  I have to make sure my future vacations are all in fall and spring on the Mainland.  Haha~


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