September 2014 Birchbox: Fashionista Forward Box

I feel like whenever Birchbox offers a special curated box (and gives the option to pick it vs. a regular box for that month), I HAVE to pick it.  I just have to.  I kind of feel that BB makes these special boxes….special?

This month, BB offered the Fashionista Forward box—they partnered up with!

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 8.58.02 PM

What do you guys think?  I’ve actually gotten two of these products in the past…two months or so: the CR Eyeliner and the Naobay lotion.  I actually really like the eyeliner, even if it is in silver—it glides on really smoothly!  I wish it was waterproof though.  I normally wear it by drawing a rough line then smudging it, then neatly defining my lashline with black.

I’m REALLY excited for that dr.brandt kit—I’m hoping that it’s (generous) samples of every item in that kit!  I’m rather fond of dr.brandt products…plus, I’ll be going on a week long business trip and you know how much I love it when BB helps me pack.

Interesting—that conditioner looks like hair spray, but it’s not.  Supposedly it cleans and volumizes at the same time.  Neat? And that mascara—it promises to fulfill the 3 golden ideals of mascaras: curl, length, volume!  We’ll see (I’m partial to Japanese fiber mascaras.  To be fair, I’m using the Makeup Is Forever mascara that came in Sephora’s Birthday Kit for this year and I like it a lot!)

Did any of you guys get a regular BB this month?  I’m kind of jealous!  It’s BB’s anniversary box so they’ll be sending out specially printed ones.  So neat!  🙂


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