DIY Printed Clock

This DIY by PS I Made this (which is one of the coolest DIY Tumblrs) is genius in its simplicity. Seriously! It’d also make super cool (plus easy heehee) housewarming gifts.


Calling all analog girls living in a digital world: put a little boom in your tick tick with this wall clock makeover! We gave a plain old timepiece a graphic upgrade with some rooster print wallpaper from Voutsa; it adds major face value and instantly wakes up any wall.

To create:  Disassemble the clock by removing the cover, clock face and hands. Use a pencil to trace the clock face onto the back of the printed wallpaper, then cut out the circle with scissors. Adhere the printed clock face to the base with double sided tape. Reassemble the rest of the clock, insert batteries and hang where desired.

Isn’t that neat?  Just brainstorming, here:

  • Walmart sells lots of plain, black framed plastic clocks for cheap.  Target has some cheaper black clocks but they also have a small collection of affordable, neat colored ones, too!   I have a green clock from Target, I know they make white, teal, red, black, and…silver?  You’ll have to check your local store or online.
  • I’m thinking that it’ll be easier to switch out that wallpaper with regular scrapbooking cardstock.  Or fabric.  I think cardstock would be easiest.
  • Cool way to dress up your new clock: put accents where the numbers are supposed to be!  I’m thinking flat-backed crystals, some metallic scrapbooking elements…Ooh, this will be fun!

This project is definitely up there in my DIY queue.  Fast, easy, and cheap!  Those are my favorite criteria, haha.  If you do end up making this clock, I’d love to see it!  :3


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