Japanese Makeup Review: Dolly Wink Lashes

Dolly Wink is a brand started by Japanese celebrity, Tsubasa Masuwaka, a very popular gyaru.  Gyaru is Japanese Street Fashion, and the term is also used for fashion/pop icons.  To imagine gyaru, think….big, teased bleach hair and LOTS of falsies + wigs!

I saw these eyelashes in a Japanese department store (Hawaii gals—I saw these at Don Quixote once!) and I just had to try them!  The style I decided to try was 09 – Natural Dolly.





And here’s what they look like on:



Please excuse my weird eyebrows.  I’m in a growing out phase!  Haha.  But anyway—these lashes are GORGEOUS.  They’re really natural looking and they’re really comfortable to wear (the strip was super flexible and easy to place).  I love how the ends of the lash tips are tapered because I feel that they look less ‘fake’ then lashes that are thick all the way down.  Natural Dolly is one of Tsubasa’s milder styles—the lashes weren’t too dense or too long, they were PERFECT for everyday wear.  And they really remind me of my lash extensions…awww, I miss those so much.

The Dolly glue was just okay….I prefer Duo adhesive better.  But overall—very nice, Tsubasa!   I would definitely buy these again!

I bought these lashes (came in a set of 4) for about $20.00 but I found them on Amazon for roughly the same price, if you want to try~




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