Happy Aloha Friday: Shooting the Stars

Happy Aloha Friday, Everyone!

Any plans?  If the weather is clear, I’m going to try and get some Milky Way pictures.  Here’s my last attempt:



The colors came out but hoooo, da blurry (my pidgin is atrocious)….Last time, I forgot my remote.  I had to hold it open for 3 minutes by pushing the trigger.  So imagine this: It’s 50 something degrees on the mountain, it is windy and I am shivering….I have my finger on my camera…. *sigh*  Camera shake was inevitable.  Oh well, it was a good test run.

Do you guys take night pictures as well?  It’s actually a bit hard to take pictures like this on Oahu—the light pollution from the city is ridiculous in some areas.  I have to go to the other side of the island, practically.

If night pictures aren’t in the schedule, I guess sunrise/sunset works just as well?  Here’s a shot I got last time:


It’s so beautiful up there!  And yes—we did throw that hard packed snow at each other.  Haha!  Have a great weekend, everyone!


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