Fairycake Fair: Japanese Style Mini Cupcakes

Hi everyone!  A bit of a post-hiatus, I’m away for work (again.)

As I was stumbling around Tokyo Station the other day, I found THE CUTEST mini cupcakes that you’ll ever see.

Fairycake Fair.


I was so tempted to buy myself a box of mini Panda cupcakes….but they were nearly $5, and I had to get on the Shinkansen soon…but so cute!  I’m a sucker for cute, Japanese food.  If I did buy it, I don’t think I would have been able to eat them.

I have to up my cupcake game up.  o_O

I’ll update soon, when I get back!  I have to show you my last and final Julep box (I caved and got the Plie wand before they tacked a renewal on my next box—I unsubscribed).


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