Japanese Makeup Review: Eyemania Mascara

Remember my big beauty products score a few months ago? Here’s one of the all-stars:

Eyemania Mascara.  I have no idea what it says, but it looks like it was #1 in something (related to Yahoo?) and that it’s a fiber-based mascara that promises 300%…..Length and Volume.  Also, from what I can make out, it looks like it’s removed with warm water, it lasts 24 hours, but it’s not waterproof.  Neat!



If you can tell from this picture, the brush already comes curved.


You’re supposed to apply the mascara to the underside of your lashes, first, like so:





And then apply like you normally would!  *cue sparkly ness*

Here’s what it looks like on me (ignore my crazy brows):



This is one coat, curled lashes, with a base of black eyeliner.  First impressions are that this mascara is DEFINITELY of the wet variety.  It was a bit messy to put on and all layering must be done while it is wet–otherwise, it gets kind of dry and clumpy looking.  Also, even if I continued to comb, I had to fine-tune the separation of individual lashes with a lash comb.

But overall, I’m in love!  This formula is great–I feel no burning or sensitivity in my eyes what-so-ever.  It’s great for my everyday look and the fibers really add length and volume.  I don’t know about 300% but I’m definitely a believer.  I don’t mind the extra clean-up from the brush/formula, it’s definitely worth it for me because taking it off is a CINCH.  I use makeup remover because I also line my eyes and it comes off VERY easily.  It also doesn’t budge when I’m hot or sweat (a little) but if you’re going to be doing outdoor things, I’d definitely recommend a waterproof formula instead.  I do think it lasts all day, though!  I usually apply my makeup around 6AM (YES I START EARLY) and if I’m going to the gym, I don’t take it off until 8PM ish.  It lasts all day.  *high five*

I bought this mascara for 1800 yen, if you want to try it, I found it on Amazon for about $18 (free-shipping woohoo)!

Random thought: I’d pick this mascara over Fiberwig, HANDS DOWN.  I love Japanese Mascara!  I have one more to try (from my stash), I’m excited!


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