Influenster Frosty VoxBox 2014: Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Tea Review

Happy Aloha Monday, everyone!  If you didn’t know, there are only 3 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS.

One of my favorite ways of celebrating the holidays is by drinking holiday beverages–like tea!  I got this tea sample in my Influenster Frosty VoxBox (complimentary for testing reasons).



I really like Celestial Seasonings tea.  The bags are nice and they don’t include the metal staple (but they also don’t have strings).  And the boxes are so cute!

At first, I was kind of bummed.  Decaf tea??? (I NEED CAFFEINE!)  I was also very intrigued because whereas I like holiday beverages, that’s mostly in the realm of…coffee.

After brewing and tasting, I have decided that THIS TEA IS AWESOME!!!   The flavor is perfect–it’s a nice, smooth green tea the peppermint and slight vanilla tones in it give it a special sweetness (without sugar) that’s beautiful to drink.  I even appreciate the decaf aspect of it now—this tea might not be ideal for your morning pick-me-up but it’s PERFECT for something warm to drink at night.   Or when you’re at work and want to drink something warm without overdoing the caffeine buzz that you currently have…



Christmas Idea for your cubicle neighbors:  A box of Celestial Seasonings Holiday tea with a really cute mug!  🙂

Thanks for the great morning, Influenster!


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