A Beautiful Mess, Happy Mail December 2014

Now that the wedding is long over, I’m still left with a lingering love of envelopes and mailing pretty cards.  I absolutely LOVE beautiful stationary so I’m trying out a new subscription box (or envelope):  Happy Mail by A Beautiful Mess.

I picked the $18.00 a month for 6 month subscription (it’s $15 a month for 12 months or $20 monthly) and this is what I got for December:


wpid-photogrid_1418927048566.jpgThis month’s kit contents-

  • 7 Cards
  • 1 Postcard
  • 6 Standard Envelopes
  • Custom Print Envelope
  • 1 Print
  • 1 Texting Notepad
  • Set of 8 Gift Stickers
  • Set of 12 Tab Stickers

These cards are so cute!  I thought there was a really good mix of variety but I noticed that for a December subscription, there were no Christmas items?  Maybe they were in the November box, so people could send them out early.  Also, there were no thank you or birthday cards—I imagine those are the cards that people will send the most.

But anyway–the cards are beautiful!  They’re very interesting and the quality of the cardstock is pretty good (but the envelopes are just okay–I’m a bit spoiled, I was hoping they’d be thicker, at least like Hallmark quality).  One of my favorite items is that ‘Places We’ve Been’ print.  I taped it to our wall using washi tape and it’s a neat way to catalog where you and your family have been.

I’m definitely looking forward to next month’s offerings!  🙂


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