POPSUGAR Special Edition Must Have Resort Box – 2015

Hi guys!  A quickie while I’m in Japan for work–I just placed my order for POPSUGAR’s Resort Box for 2015.  They do resort boxes once a year (I think–it’s like a seasonal box, right?  I think?).

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 9.37.35 PM

This box is a one-time charge of $100, free shipping.  What do you think?  I LOVE travel/beachy themed boxes because I travel (A LOT) and I live in state with a beachy-kind of mind.  These two things combined with SURPRISES are just up my alley!  (I’m also bummed that Liz from MSA [My Subscription Addiction] cancelled her box.  I thought she was an amazing curator–I just got off the waitlist, too–but I can only imagine that it must be a LOT of work.  Oh well, guess I can try this one, right? ;])

People LOVED last year’s resort box.  This is what Jennifer of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom got last year (she’s got a super cool blog!).  I LOVE that clutch and the turkish towel and overall, I thought the items were really fun!  Luxury shower gel?  I would never buy it for myself (and sometimes I say ‘meh’ when I unwrap it) but when I use it?  I’m in heaven for the rest of my shower.

Knowing POPSUGAR, I feel like I won’t get this box until…idk.  April.  But that’s fine–that’s the start of warmer, summer weather for me!  :]  Have a great weekend, everyone!  (It’s Friday in Japan–we’re a day early)


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