Bulu Box – March 2015

Bulu Box time!  (Sorry, I’m at a lack of words when it comes to a cool intro for this one.  Woohoo, orange box?  YAY VITAMINS?  Health and Wellness, oh boy!  Actually–I’m really excited for Bulu Box.  To me, it’s like…the fitness-minded box that comes from Whole Foods.  Lots of alternative medicine/vitamins with healthy (sometimes protein) snacks!  I guess that would have been a good intro, huh.)
This month, Bulu Box sent me:
  1. Beanfield’s Bean & Rice Chips – Ranch Flavor
  2. Allergease All Natural Herbal Supplement Cough Drops
  3. Bio Coffee Sample Packet
  4. Neocell Beauty
  5. Compete Chocolate Energy Bites

My favorite thing in this box are those chips.  Seriously–they are AMAZING.  It’s like eating healthy Doritos.  Honestly, this box is worth it for me, just for these chips.  (Where else can I get these?!?!)

The cough drops are a close second because even though we don’t have too many pollen/nature related allergy issues in Hawaii, cough drops are always welcome.  I swear it’s going around again–last week, I got the sneezing/sore throat bug.  These drops aren’t sugar free but the flavor is really nice–much less chemically tasting than your typical Halls but not too sweet.

I’m always a bit skeptical on the supplements that Bulu Box sends–sometimes they seem a bit…fishy.  Idk.  I’m trying to have an open mind but be safe about things (I won’t take mystery or weight-loss pills).   The coffee sample was one of those–it had so many added ‘benefits’.  It also had no caffeine so I was rather intrigued.  Imagine instant coffee that tasted like a-bit-off milk chocolate with vitamins (wheatgrass).  Not bad but too sweet, even with 3.5g of sugar (77 cals in that little packet.  Hmm.  Idk.)

I’ll save the choco energy bites for my next round of intense exercise–hopefully Koko head!  I haven’t done it in so long–maybe after I build up my strength a little.  Being sick for a week and a half has made me feel rather…blah.  I did a round of Youtube Power Yoga and a push-up was SO HARD.  *sigh*   I SHOULD drink that Collagen drink though–in Japan, they encourage me to eat the collagen-rich parts of the fish (ie the eyes and other fatty parts ;_;).  This fruity drink seems a bit more palatable, to me, anyway.

What do you guys think?  This is Box 2 of 3 of my super awesome cheap $10 box deal–I found it on Amazon if you guys want to try!  For $10 ($3.33ish a box), this is an AMAZING deal.  It even includes shipping!  I’m 99% sure that I’ll buy myself another deal subscription to this after my next month is finished.

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