graze: April 2015 Review

I am attempting to decrease the amount of sugar that I’m eating.  ;_;

Gosh, reading nutrition labels is depressing sometimes, especially when you find out that simple things (like your favorite fiber bar that you thought was healthy) have so much sugar in it.

One way that I’m attempting to cut out the sweet stuff (and hopefully lose the last 5 pounds that I want to drop) is to snack smart, and to make it fun, I signed up for graze.  graze is a snacking subscription–they send you a regular selection of snacks, straight to your home and workplace.  They have a bunch or different kinds of subscriptions and sizes, but I signed up for the sugar count box.  (They have a calorie count one, too).  Also, you can choose the intervals that you receive it–this box retails for $6.99 (free shipping) and you can get it every week, every two weeks, and I choose to receive it once a month.

 ***If you guys want to try, keep reading!  You can start graze with your first and fifth boxes for free.  FREE THINGS YES PLEASE  *happy sigh*


So my first sugar-count box came with 4 things that have 2g of sugar or less, per serving:

  1. tomato and basil pizza
  2. chili and lime pistachios
  3. Vietnamese pho soup
  4. salt and vinegar nut selection


I tried the tomato and basil pizza mix today–it was DELICIOUS.  It was a great mix of savory flavors and I didn’t miss having anything sweet at all.  I loved that there was a little fat in it–I think I can hold off my hunger until lunch (I start at 630 and its a long time until a noon lunch break ;_;).  The second best part?  120 calories.  YES. THANK YOU.

I’m really interested in trying the other ones, especially the pho.  It’s a paste with add ins–you just get some hot water and add it in a mug.  Sweet!

I absolutely love graze–after you try your snacks, you go online and rate them.  They never send you anything on your ‘hate it’ list and send things on your ‘love it’ list often.  Isn’t it cute?   Also, this box fits in a mailbox so you’ll never have to worry about picking it up from a post office.

I find it funny (and I’m thankful) that graze only lets me pick from the approved sugar count items.  They don’t let me cheat and order that dark chocolate smore mix that I clicked on…thanks graze, my weak willpower appreciates it.

If you guys want to try (I hope you do, it’s fun!), try this code:


…and tell ’em that Amanda sent you.  You’ll get your first and fifth boxes free (that’s $14 worth of free healthy (possibly low sugar) snacks)!  Lmk what you think! :]


I’m tempted to sign B up for a regular box so I can try the regular things–OMG cheating. SO BAD.


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