PopSugar MUSTHAVE Limited Edition Resort Box: April 2015

In my attempt to save money, I do not subscribe to PopSugar’s monthly MUSTHAVE box because it’s $40 a month (which is too high for a monthly subscription, for me)…but I am 100% more likely to spring for their limited edition boxes because it’s a one-time deal.  Does the cost pretty much even out?  Yeah, I guess so.  But it’s all in the head, right?    The Resort edition is one of those that I fall for but I can totally justify it in my head–it contains travel friendly items that are beachy themed–which definitely fits into my lifestyle!  So I got one. 

It came in a sleek, black box (that was very Rachel Zoe Box of Style-esque–look out for that review soon!):


And here’s what I got:

  1. Stephanie Johnson – White Train Case
  2. Lele Sadoughi Half-Moon Pendant
  3. Drunk Elephant Skincare C-Firma Day Serum
  4. Passport Case
  5. Jane Iredale Warm My Steps Makeup Kit
  6. Jacobson Salt Co. Pure Sea Salt Cocktail Salt

Here’s a nicer, official picture, and if you click the image, it’ll bring you to the PopSugar site for more details on each item:

Normally, I just stick my cosmetics in a makeup bag (that’s overflowing) and my skincare into a plastic ziplock (that also overflows).  I wasn’t too excited about this train case, at first (who needs a $60 makeup bag?) but gosh–this item is awesome.  It feels luxurious and I love that the inside is lined with plastic.  It’s going to make my travel-life significantly better because…I think of it as portion control for beauty products.  Whatever fits, fits, and whatever doesn’t fit, I probably don’t need.

Which brings me to the serum and makeup.  Serum YES thank you skincare!  I’ve never tried this brand but the packaging is super cute and I love that they’re eco-conscious.  I feel like a serum that brightens is especially important in summer–with all. that. sun!  I won’t be bringing this with me on travel, but the makeup kit, I definitely will.  This is by Jane Iredale (have never tried this brand either) and has a bronzer, a blush, and two lipglosses.  All I need to bring are products for eyes and then I’m set! 

I normally don’t wear big statement necklaces like the Lele Sadoughi piece that came in this box, but this will be PERFECT for summer.  It’ll go great with maxi dresses, denim jackets, beach coverups, swimwear, sundresses, simple V-neck shirts, I could go on and on.  It’s not turquoise–but that’s fine–the stone has a nice feel to it.

The passport cover is cute but will be gifting, and the same with the cocktail salt.  I think the pieces fit really well into this box but off to better homes they go…

So what did you guys think?  I saw an estimated value of about $370-$400 floating around for this box but personally, I’m gauging it on how much I’ll actually use the items…and I’d say it’s a good haul, wouldn’t you?  I feel like the excitement factor isn’t as high as say, the Rachel Zoe box, but THANK YOU I will definitely use (or gift) every single one of these items.  I’m pleased!


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