Zuko: Donut

I meant this for Wednesday but oops!  Here’s a Thursday pick-me-up instead:


Zuko Puppy absolutely LOVES this giant pink donut toy. There’s two squeakers and a rattling thing in it–and of course, a lovely little space to put one’s nose.

This weekend, we’re hoping to bring him to the beach!  Did I write this last week?  (If so, we didn’t go).  He really likes to dig but Shiba’s are infamous for not being too fond of water.  Idk, we’ll see.  This whole week has been really funky in terms of Hawaii weather–it’s beautiful morning showers until 7AM or so, then it’s scorching hot until maybe 2PM, then it’s humid as hell until 5PM, and then it pours cats and Shiba Dogs around 7.  And repeat!  This is nothing compared to that crazy storm in Australia–if anyone from down under is reading this, I hope you’re safe and sound!

Gosh, can’t it be [Aloha] Friday already?


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