PopSugar CFDA Limited Edition Box: Spoilers

Liz Cadman, who runs the amazing and thorough Subscription Box Mega Site, My Subscription Addiction, got spoilers for the PopSugar CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) box.

Click here to see the spoilers~

This box was $195. It’s worth clicking the link just to see what you *actually* get for $195 (and the comments from all of us who bit the bullet and bought one of these).

My take is under the cut:

This is a big wakeup call for the subscription box addict in me–I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of these boxes because it was a surprise!  I like surprises.  But I also like things that are true to their word and the CFDA box was not one of them.  Not only did they majorly inflate the worth of some of the items in there, they didn’t come close to their claims of the description of what would be in it.

Also, they hyped this up as a Fashion Box–there are … like no fashion items in this box!  There’s a book.  A fashion related book.  I was expecting things from up and coming designers, not makeup.

If you guys want my advice, it would be to NEVER go for a PopSugar Must Have box again.  EVER.  The risk is NOT worth the cost.  I’d rather have put my money towards renewing my Rachel Zoe subscription–I honestly feel like I got my money’s worth.

Gosh, for $195, I could have gone somewhere, bought similar items (that I actually liked) for a MUCH cheaper price, and STILL would have had plenty left over to donate to charity, like what some of the proceeds of this box went to.  That’s the only silver lining, I think.  *sigh* Oh well.  You live and learn, right?


Here’s PopSugar’s generic response that they cut and pasted and sent to all of us:

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for reaching out. We would like to apologize that you were not thrilled with the contents of your CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have box. Our team and all of the vendors’ teams worked really hard on curating items that we know people would enjoy, but it looks like we missed the mark with you. Would you mind providing some specific items that you did not enjoy and perhaps a few items you would have rather received? Unfortunately, as noted on our FAQs, which were all agreed upon at the time of purchase, all purchases are non-refundable. If there is anything else we can address for you, please let us know.



I emailed them back but I will personally never buy from PopSugar again. No matter how enticing their preview spoiler is, this is a lesson learned.


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