PopSugar CFDA Limited Edition Box: REFUND UPDATE

Hi guys!  I am over the MOON right now.  Here’s what I literally just got from PopSugar regarding the [flop] of a CFDA box:

Hi Amanda,

In this case we are offering the option for customers to return complete and unused boxes for a full refund. The refund will be granted once the box is received. We have attached a prepaid return label to send the box back to us. Please let us know if there is anything else we can address or assist with.



WOOHOO, I am ECSTATIC.  I’m glad that PopSugar has changed their minds about this–it’s an interesting situation because they previously sent out an email (last night, actually) that pretty much said, “sorry too bad so sad.”

Any one else out there email PopSugar?  Did you also get this response?  Just curious–and for all of you who haven’t emailed them (and was severely disappointed with the CFDA box like I was), this might be a good chance to do so.  I went directly to their site and used their Contact Form.  I received my first response within 10 hours, promptly replied, and then I received my return label and this message the next morning.

Good luck!!!  I’m swearing off Subscription Boxes for a while–I’ll keep Birchbox and Rachel Zoe but I am loathe to try another ‘high end’ box.  Too afraid of being burned.  D: D: D:


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