Egg Substitutes in Baking

Maybe it’s just me (probably just me) but Sunday always puts me in a baking mood.  I don’t know why, ESPECIALLY because it is RIDICULOUSLY hot in Hawaii right now–and using the oven makes the house worse than a sauna. D:

Also, I never have any eggs.  HOW DO I ALWAYS RUN OUT OF EGGS when the baking mood strikes?

If you guys find yourselves in the same boat as much as I do, here’s a wonderful trick to have in your back pocket: egg substitutes.

I got this from SheKnows and it is. a. LIFESAVER.  The egg substitute that I use depends on what I’m baking and I usually go with the applesauce route.  Costco sells this GIANT pack of 30+ applesauce containers and B was in an applesauce mood a while ago…and gosh, it only lasted for maybe a week.  I have a seemingly neverending supply of appleasauce.  Mine are sweetened so I do lower the sugar in my recipes, or I bake with Splenda.  I’d say my results come out pretty well…sometimes, my cookies are bit softer due to the extra liquid but I just bake ’em for a little more and they’re fine.

I have girlfriends who swear by the baking powder + water + oil method–according to SheKnows, no one will never know the difference!  I’m really really really curious–I’m going to substitute this in my next batch of cookies.

I really want to try the flaxseed sub–I always write it down on my list when I go grocery shopping but it’s the one thing I always forget.


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