The Beach House Box: Kloverbox x My Subscription Addiction Box


My Beach House Box came in!  This is a limited edition collaboration between Liz Cadman of My Subscription Addiction and Kloverbox,which is a lifestyle box.   It was a $100 and I know that I swore off limited edition boxes (UGH PopSugar CFDA burn) but I love Liz and I was totally bummed that I didn’t get any of her Quarterly boxes while she still did them…plus, the theme was beach house, I couldn’t resist.

It came in a really simple yet cute, branded MSAxKloverbox cardboard box–
And when you actually opened it, I could tell that EVERYTHING just barely fit.
This is what I got!  From what I heard so far, I don’t think there are any variations.

What do you guys think?  I was absolutely laughing when I saw that vacuum sealed pillow–that was one of the covert hints that Liz dropped when she mailed out a notice about shipping.  “Sorry guys, having trouble getting everything to fit in the box.” Clever, very clever.  The pillow itself is a bit small but it’s the perfect accent  when you need something to offset the matchy-matchy-ness of your couch pillows.  I have a feeling that Z will claim this as his because it’s his size. D:

My absolute favorite item is the GoldfadenMD SunVisor because it is the lightest sunscreen EVER which makes it the BEST sunscreen when reapplying in the middle of the day.  That’s one of my skincare bad bad bad habits–I don’t reapply, mostly because I dread applying more products over my existing ones, mid day.  It feels icky!  I don’t think I’ll have that issue with the spray.

The Vitamin C Body Polish has a nice smell–it’s GREAT for summer!  I always need a gentle exfoliation after a couple of beach days.  I was tickled pink to get the Tatcha Enriching Renewal Cream (YAY Tatcha!  A little goes a long way), and that Sea Salt Hand Soap is very….salty smelling.  My hands are really soft after using it, but idk, it’s different.  Maybe it’d help if I put a scented Ocean Mist candle in the bathroom, or something.

The only thing that I didn’t really care for too much is the tote!  It’s really cute–it’s a canvas tote that’s great for towels and a beach read, but it’s not really my style.  I think this will be a gifting item but I’m sure the recipient will love it! :]

*ahh* There’s such a nice feeling that comes with opening a satisfying (and surprise! No spoilers!) box…it’s a great way to start the weekend!  Hope you all have a good one! :3



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