Rachel Zoe: Box of Style, Summer 2015


These are from MySubscriptionAddiction and OMG I am in love (with both this box and Liz’s blog).

What do you guys think? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the white bag, which to me, is perfect for Summer/Fall and perfect for Weddings.  Which are almost the same thing when it comes to Hawaii.  I know it’s white–but white is so chic, to me.  It’ll be nice, especially if I wear a bright or patterned dress.

I’m really curious about the sarong–I like the print but it’s very bright!  Great for the beach, or beachy exploration day but I’ll have to be brave.

YAY for TooFaced products–I’m in a bronzer mood right now, and I wonder if the Lip Creme will be that dark color.  I’m also really happy to get a peel–I’ve been in the market for one for a while (but it’s a spray tip? Interesting–I’ve never had a peel with that kind of tip).

Personally, I’m STOKED for those Nippies.  I am very very very small chested–like 32B–so this will be GREAT NO BRAS ALL SUMMER!  Or great if you need something to help with a sheer bra/top.

Hope you guys are as happy for this box as I am!  YAY I can’t wait for it to come in!  :] :] :]


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