Fukuoka: Jotenji Temple

Hi guys!  Japan is….humid.  Kyushu dodged a Typhoon last week (Typhoon Enka) but the air is super thick and heavy, still.  Last weekend, my coworker and I made a quick daytrip to Fukuoka, the largest city on the island.  I woke up ridiculously early to go temple hopping (I do it in Tokyo too) and I guess I’m the only one in this city who does this because it was EMPTY!  BUT the rock garden wasn’t fully open so not a total win.

This is the zen rock garden from Jotenji Temple–it’s dedicated to the monk who brought the concept of milling to Japan.  The Japanese eventually learned how to make udon, soba, pastries, manju paste, etc, with his knowledge.  This is my first time to a zen temple, I think, usually I find Shinto Shrines.  It was really neat!

I would love to do something like this at my house–its really peaceful to me.  Unfortuntely, I have a puppy dog who would love to romp all over the patterns.  You know how they have those tiny desktop zen gardens?  Maybe I’ll just stick with that.

Hope everyone has a great week!  It’s going to be thunderstorming in my area. D:  I think I am ready to go home.


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