Rachel Zoe: Box of Style, Fall 2015: Hero Item Reveal!

HI GUYS YOU KNOW I’M EXCITED WHEN I TYPE IN CAPS!!!  Just got an email from the Zoe Report about the next Box of Style and I am really ecstatic to share.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 5.25.20 AM

First off: the last box was the Summer box, I think I misleadingly thought it was Fall…which was wrong, so that post is fixed.

Second: What do you guys think???  A couple of months ago, a friend tried to convince me to buy a Kickstarter for a watch like this (Arden Cho wears that brand) but I didn’t go for it.  Also, this watch strongly reminds me of the Daniel Wellington brand–which another friend of mine wears.  I absolutely love the style because it’s simple but with enough detail to make it charming and interesting, I think.  I am head over heels excited for the rose gold (ROSE GOLD YAY!) and the interchangeable straps.  I like the grey but I’m hoping to pick up a classic brown, later on.  And isn’t that little brown pouch cute?

Third: RZ’s box is my absolute FAVORITE subscription box.  If you guys are interested, I really recommend subscribing–I don’t think I’ve been disappointed, yet.  :]


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