Blending Breakfast + 25 3-Ingredient Smoothie Recipes

Are you guys Amazon Prime members?  I am–and they recently had…’Amazon Prime Day’ which is like…crazy Black Friday in July.  I managed to score a Blendtec blender for a really good price!  It’s a bit terrifying to use (at first, anyway) because it’s so powerful but so far, it’s been really fun!  I can’t wait to blend nut butter, soup, HEALTHY NOT SO SWEET FRAPPUCCINOS…

Just thought I’d share this infographic I found: THREE ingredients.  That’s my kind of shake!  I’ve been sticking to breakfast smoothies (just fruit and some almond milk) but I’m ready to branch out into the protein powder and greens directions.  If you guys have any favorite recipes that you’d like to share, I’d be really grateful!  😀


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