Influenster: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Mini Vox


I got a notice from Influenster a whole ago but I totally forgot about it. But woohoo, got chosen for this mini box?  Thanks for sending me a sample, free of charge, for testing purposes!

The product we’re testing is “Airbrush Legs,” which is like a spray-on hose or stocking. It hides imperfections, veins, etc. and it comes in a variety of shades…but I guess Influenster only sent out the product in “light” so here we go? I have a feeling that this’ll be a bit hilarious, especially because I’m rather dark, in my opinion (PS it’s summer!).


This is a before and after picture of my ankle.  It looks really weird and bony from this angle–sorry!  I used my ankle because I have an old shaving scar tick mark, can you see it?  I also have one stray hair, UGH.

The product feels like foundation–it’s not thick like lotion and it rubs and blends in really easily.  Almost a bit watery, I’d say.  I was really surprised that this color is considered ‘Light’–it blended it to my tan skin really easily!  I said a very loud, “Well, whadayaknow” as I rubbed it in.  I’m really impressed!  This product is awesome at covering the little imperfections on your skin–the kind that you don’t really pay attention to, that much (if you’re like me).  The little dark spots where hair grows, small shaving nicks, some veins.  One thin application had pretty impressive coverage but it’s still opaque enough so that it looks like skin and not a mask.  If I had to choose between hose/stockings and this–I’d go with this because it’s so much more convenient.  And, it gives me just enough color so I have a sunkissed ‘glow’ vs the pale palor that comes from not enough beach and too much office…while avoiding the dark, burnt, raisin shade when I’ve had WAY too much.

I know this product comes in a tube (like this) or a spray–I don’t know which one I’d pick!  Maybe the tube, so I could be more sure in the way the product is applied.  I feel paranoid that if I used the spray, I’d come out with blotchier coverage.

The only con that I can think of is the shades–there are 5 shades and light is the second to the lightest one.  Very interesting–this is a product that a tester would def come in handy, for everyone, I imagine!  Too bad testers are ICKY and gross.  D:  I wouldn’t have purchased this shade for myself–I would have gone one darker with medium because typically, my skin tone is very rarely (if ever) called ‘light.’

Would you or do you use a product like this?  Lmk what you think!


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