Lisa Eldridge: Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hi guys!  I’m sick.  I’m camped out in my living room with a box of Kleenex–it’s raining cats and dogs outside.  Ugh.  Hawaii just dodged the remnants of Tropical Storm Kilo and I heard Ignacio may be here by next week.  Hurricane Season!  Better stock up on my toilet paper and bottled water.*

But anyway, I’m watching makeup tutorials while I wait for my medication to kick in.  I just found one that I really like!  It’s a smokey eye tutorial by Lisa Eldridge, a super awesome makeup artist from the UK.  I like this look because it’s not too much–you know what I mean?  A few of the other smokey eye tutorials that I just watched were heavy from the start while this one is very buildable.  Smokey eyes are so versatile–they’re my go-to [important occasion] look and I think I’m going to try to adapt my technique to mirror Lisa’s.  What do you guys think?  Hope you’re staying dry!

*It’s a local inside joke that whenever there’s a chance of a natural disaster or something similar, people in Hawaii go CRAZY and ransack all stores to stock up on the following products:

  • Toilet Paper
  • Bottled Beverages/Water
  • Sometimes Spam

I’m serious!  If you tried to go to Costco this week, the line to check-out would take longer than it took you to grab all the things in it.  OH and fill up gas while you can.  The last time, when we thought we were going to get hit by a tsunami, the line for a gas station was over an hour.  Maybe two.  UGH I should just buy a bicycle.

OH! One more thing: I heard that the Rachel Zoe, Box of Style: Fall 2015 is sold out.  I guess so–they last advertised that they only had 200 boxes left.  I’m on a roll right now (YAY sickness!)–here’s a quick recap of all of the Hero items so far:

YAY!  I feel like the items are either leather or gold.  Which are both absolute wins in book.  What do you think Winter’s Hero item will be?  (Okay I’m sleepy now.  Have a great week, everyone!)


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