Rachel Zoe, Box of Style: Fall 2015 FULL SPOILERS!!!

Fall 2015–AHHHHH I am not surprised that I’m in love with all of the items in this box.

For those of you who have more control then I do, look out for your boxes!  For the rest of us (hehhehheh I always peek), the spoilers are under the cut:


SWEET!!!  Besides the watch (I have loved the hero item from ALL the boxes), my favorite items are either the earrings or the hat.  Earrings because they’re special without being too much and the hat because HATS ARE SO FUN.

Other items in box: laundry spray (from previous spoiler), body serum (cool!  never used a body serum before), and notebooks.  You know what the notebooks are great for?  Writing down stuff when you’re on a plane and have nothing to do except to…think.  Also, keeping track of who you have to Christmas gifts for.  (It’s September already–AHHH people at my workplace are already talking about Christmas.  C’mon people, it’s not even Labor Day!!!)

I’m happy and excited.  I don’t think my box will come for a few days but I can’t wait!!!  I don’t forsee myself eBaying any of these items–I’m going to keep ’em all.  Great job, RZ!  Share pictures of how the hat fits y’all, have a great weekend!!!


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