September 2015 Birchbox: Customer Favorites Featured Box

Do you have a favorite Birchbox product of all time?  I’m not sure if I do!  Actually–nevermind, I think I do.  One time, I got this AMAZING mask, gosh I forgot which month it was and what it was called!  Bummers.  I had to search for it on the BB website because I had no idea what it was for, hahaha.  But anyway: the theme for this month is Customer Favorites!  This box has the top rated BB items of all time:

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.01.51 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.02.14 PM

What do you guys think?  I’ve gotten to try each one of these products in my BB history–Okay–HARVEY PRINCE I mean, is it owned by BB or something?  I really do feel like this is my fourth or fifth time getting a Harvey Prince item in the last batch of boxes, and I swear I’ve gotten this perfume sample at least three times.  jk;djf;dajdf Okay, I’m done.  Are you imagining that I threw my arms in the air before typing as fast as I could?  (‘Cause you were right haha ;_;)  The perfume is pleasant but enough already.

Monotony is saved by that Liz Earle Cleanser–YES I am glad for a repeat on this one.  That sample lasts FOREVER.  I don’t use the little cloth because it only comes with one and its a hassle to clean often–what I do is I take this cleanser with me on work trips.  You put a little on your fingertips (a lot goes a LONG way) and then I get my extra washcloth, heat it up with warm water, and then gently buff my face with it.  It removes eye makeup like a dream and my skin feels so clean and moisturized after.  I’m excited because I have two work trips scheduled for Winter so far–my skin tends to freak out when I’m in cold weather for two weeks at a time.

The Beauty Protector Shampoo and Conditioner are excellent products that are more practically welcomed than exciting, but that’s okay.  I like practical.  And I feel like I’m playing roulette with the eyeliner choice–too bad we can’t pick!  I have the Electric Blue color from a previous box and I’d really like Mulberry or…Indigo.  Maybe the odds are in my favor but with my luck, I’ll get Blue Lagoon but that’s also okay. Fun eyeliner = Fun times, right?

I can’t believe it’s September already–I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY RZ BOX to come in the mail–and we’ll be getting one more in December for Winter!!!  Woohoo!  (Can’t you tell that RZ is my favorite box?  I’ve been so satisfied that I haven’t caved for PopSugar this whole time.)  Have a great week, everyone!



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